What Should I DO!?!?!?


Don’t Panic..

We can help. Free RETAIL FDA HOTLINE
FDA Vape Retailers Hotline Call us: (949) 388-4498

DON’T PANIC! Free Advice Hotline is available to you to better understand the new FDA regulations that affect YOU! Don’t get caught being confused on how to keep your store open. We are vape industry veterans and just want to answer your concerns.
Give us a call today and ask for Chris or Mike.

Call (949) 388-4498 M-F, 10a-4p PST.

Rules and Regs

The Top 3 FDA Changes

After August 8th these are the 3 rules that apply to vape shops.
Remember: It’s not doom & gloom & no reason to panic or close your stores..


4 biggest mistakes vape shops make

Vape shop owners secure the space, purchase inventory and then….

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